Presenting a diverse portfolio showcasing my expertise in front-end web development. Among the standout projects, Couches For Sale emerges as an innovative online furniture store, marrying WordPress with NuxtJS for a seamless customer experience. Raicoon AOC, a pioneering software platform, employs AI and machine learning to optimize renewable energy systems. Shavet Supplies gains a fresh online presence through a well-crafted landing page, while Alicia Chamaillé's photography and writing talents shine in a budget-friendly, SEO-enhanced site. Meanwhile, Darren Paul Photography showcases landscapes unrestricted by format, Acamp revolutionizes camping experiences, and Pomorize merges task management with the Pomodoro technique. Galleria, Coffee Roasters, The Planets, and Splitter demonstrate versatility in design and functionality, while Carrick Wealth Concierge underscores my role in shaping innovative IPs for a leading wealth advisory firm. Each project embodies creativity, usability, and a commitment to excellence.

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  • Couches For Sale

    Couches For Sale

    Couches For Sale is a start-up online furniture store in South Africa, that sells quality affordable couches. Couches For Sale contacted me about building a WordPress site for them. I suggested we build the front-end using a lightweight front-end library such as NuxtJS and use WordPress as a headless CMS.

  • Raicoon AOC

    Raicoon AOC

    raicoon autonomous operations center (AOC) runs on PV plants and detects system faults in real time. raicoon AOC is a software platform for renewable energy systems utilizing artificial intelligence & machine learning to make autonomous data-driven decisions.

  • Shavet Supplies

    Shavet Supplies

    Shavet Supplies source, supply and deliver numerous products and services to poultry farms. With no online presence Shavet was interested in bringing in new customers. I suggested a landing page to show new customers the services offered, with the opportunity to later expand into ecommerce.

  • Alicia Chamaillé

    Alicia Chamaillé

    Alicia Chamaillé is a photographer and writer within the travel industry. In June 2020, she’d built an online portfolio to display her work using Squarespace. In 2022 she approached me about building a faster, better-looking site with improved SEO that matched her current budget.

  • Darren Paul Photography

    Darren Paul Photography

    A hobbyist photographer, with a passion for landscapes. I found displaying my work on Instagram limiting and wanted somewhere to show higher quality work without aspect restrictions. I built an online portfolio which allowed me to display my photographs without restrictions.

  • Acamp


    Acamp is a start-up where hosts can rent camping spots to campers. It’s Airbnb for camping. While working at Acamp from February 2022 until July 2022, I was part of a team that helped maintain and develop new features for their front-end website.

  • Basic Calculator

    Basic Calculator

    A challenge that can be found on Front End Mentor. Build an application where the user can do basic calculations and switch between different colour themes.

  • Pomorize


    A Pomodoro clock to help keep track of tasks and manage your time.I was interested in combining basic task tracking into a Pomodoro clock. I decided to build this simple implementation, which allows you to create tasks and track them to Pomodoro cycles.

  • Galleria


    A challenge found on Front End Mentor. I chose this challenge because it looked challenging and I liked the mosaic layout. I also used this project as practice for a future project where I designed myself a website to display my photographs, you can view it here.

  • Coffee Roasters

    Coffee Roasters

    A challenge found on Front End Mentor.

    Build a website where users are about to order coffee based on their needs. I chose this challenge because it looked challenging and thought it might make a nice template for future projects.

  • The Planets

    The Planets

    A challenge found on Front End Mentor. Build a website that displays information about each of the planets. I chose this challenge because I really enjoyed the design and space is cool.

  • Splitter


    A challenge found on Front End Mentor. The challenge is to build a website which can be used to calculate the tip per person on a bill.

  • Carrick Wealth Concierge

    Carrick Wealth Concierge

    Carrick Wealth – Southern Africa's leading wealth and investment advisory. We maintained and developed new IP’s (Internet Protocols) for them, one of which was Concierge. It was developed with Carrick Wealth’s clients in mind.